WWE Roman Reigns Tactical Vest

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Mens Stylish Black Leather Tactical Vest

Wrestling fans all over the world can now order the Roman Reigns Vest. Roman Reigns, the toughest wrestler in WWE, wore this vest as his ring attire. This convenient vest has a lot to offer and can be very handy. As incredible as it seems, this vest is made from genuine real leather. Two flap button waist pockets, one right chest flap button pocket, two on the left chest, one on the left shoulder and one at the back of this outfit provide you plenty of options to store your things. Viscose stitched inside will provide you comfort while wearing this tactical vest. Do you think this piece will look awesome on you? It will BELIEVE THAT!



  • 100% Real Leather
  • Front Zip Closure
  • Seven Pockets
  • Viscose Stitched Inside
  • Black

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