Butter Cream Cowhide Rug

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Butter Cream Cowhide Living Room Rug

Here’s one of the most magnificent home decors. This is the Wheat Cowhide Rug. Luxurious looking houses and mansions always have rugs next to fireplaces, in bedrooms or living rooms. It leaves a lasting impression on the guests and gives your house a classy touch. The Cowhide Butter Cream Rug is made from the finest cowhide. It’s 5ftxft and is large enough to be noticeable and make your room look good. The buttercream color is a nice choice of color to have. You can maintain the rug by washing it with hot water. It’s soft, large, and super cozy to lay down on it. There’s no better feeling than to rest your feet on a soft rug like this.

NOTE : Cowhides are all unique! You will receive a hide with very similar colors and patterns as pictured. Few hides might contain some natural flaws due to conditions inherent to natural animal products such as branding and barbwire marking, that will be discreetly repaired.


  • Made from the good quality of Cowhide
  • Available in Butter Cream Color
  • 5ft x 5ft
  • Hot Water Wash Recommended

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  1. 5 out of 5
    Rated 5 out of 5


    This is really soft and huge. We had a family discussion of where we should place this rug and after hours of arguments on just one item we decided to place it in the living room. It’s a good thing our flooring is black, as the color of the rug matched attractively. We also planned on getting another one, but not confirmed as yet. Will let you know about it soon.

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