Cowhide Black And White Rug

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Black and White Rug Cowhide Material

Whenever you enter a luxurious mansion, you will definitely find a huge hide rug that is placed next to the fireplace or so. If you want to feel the same luxury in your homes, then you can easily do it by placing your order for the Black and White Rug. The black and white pattern on the rug is the most classic yet preferred color for your homes.

Since it is made of real hide, the color is genuine along with the pattern. This decorative item is kept at a fireplace since it is flame resistant. Along with class and luxury, the rug is also the most comfortable thing you will ever rest your feet on. The coziness is fantastic.

NOTE : Cowhides are all unique! You will receive a hide with very similar colors and patterns as pictured. Few hides might contain some natural flaws due to conditions inherent to natural animal products such as branding and barbwire marking, that will be discreetly repaired.


  • This is the Genuine Cowhide pattern rug that is of 5ft by 5ft in size
  • It is very easy to clean, and the use of Hot Water is required to get it all washed and cleaned up.
  • Available in the combination color of Black and White color

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